Who Is Greatest F1 Driver Of All Time?

Who is the best driver of all time?

Here’s our personal list of the top ten race car drivers of all-time.A.J.


Jimmie Johnson.

Richard Petty.

Nigel Mansell.

Ayrton Senna.

Dale Earnhardt.

Michael Schumacher.

Mario Andretti.

At number one sits Mario Andretti, the Italian-American race car legend who transcended motorsport.More items….

Is Hamilton better than Schumacher?

Hamilton is five victories from overtaking Schumacher’s F1 record of 91 grand prix wins, and another world title would bring him level with the German’s seven championships. Schumacher was a contentious figure when racing due to the controversial incidents throughout his career.

How many drivers have won an f1 race?

Lewis Hamilton holds the record for the most race wins in Formula One history, with 93 wins to date. Michael Schumacher, the previous record holder, is second with 91 wins, and Sebastian Vettel is third with 53 victories.

Why do f1 drivers live in Monaco?

Originally Answered: why do f1 drivers live in Monaco? Formula 1 Drivers live in Monaco for the same reason that thousands of other wealthy people live in Monaco- The Principality of Monaco doesn’t levy capital gains tax nor wealth tax.

Who is the most experienced f1 driver?

Top 10: Most experienced Formula 1 driversRubens Barrichello – 322 race starts. 10/10. Photo by: Hazrin Yeob Men Shah.Kimi Raïkkonen – 312 starts. 9/10. … Fernando Alonso – 311 starts. 8/10. … Michael Schumacher – 306 starts. 7/10. … Jenson Button – 306 starts. 6/10. … Felipe Massa – 269 starts. 5/10. … Riccardo Patrese – 256 starts. 4/10. … Jarno Trulli – 252 starts. 3/10. … More items…•

Who is the youngest f1 driver?

Jaime AlguersuariJaime Alguersuari became the youngest driver in F1 history when he replaced Sebastien Bourdais at Toro Rosso for the 2009 Hungarian Grand Prix, the 10th race of the season.

Is Toro Rosso owned by Red Bull?

The Italian name “Toro Rosso” translates to “Red Bull”. It was one of two Formula One teams owned by Austrian beverage company Red Bull, the other being Red Bull Racing. … The team changed its name to Scuderia AlphaTauri in 2020.

What age do f1 drivers retire?

In modern F1, the drivers that get to choose when they retire usually do so in their mid to late 30s. In the past, drivers used to be competitive well into their 40s, but due to the professionalization of the sport that’s no longer the case.

Who is the greatest f1 driver ever?

Michael SchumacherStatistically, German Michael Schumacher is the greatest F1 driver, with seven world championships, including most constructers (car makers) titles, race victories, pole positions, points scored and biggest title winning margins.

Is Lewis Hamilton the greatest driver of all time?

Lewis Hamilton is the greatest Formula 1 driver of all time. … With a staggering 84 pole positions to his name, Hamilton is the driver who has the most starts to a grand prix from first place. Another stat: he has won 30 percent of those races he has started.

Who is the goat f1 driver?

SEBASTIAN VETTEL has backed Michael Schumacher in Formula One’s debate over the greatest driver of all-time. With Lewis Hamilton going level with the German legend, 51, and his record 91 race wins, the sport has been keen to discuss exactly who is better.