Quick Answer: How Do You Calculate Amperage Of A 3 Phase Motor?

What is the starting current of 1 hp motor?

For a 1 HP 3phase induction motor draws a current =W /V, so 1 HP is equal to 746 watts, or rounded off to 750 watts, so it will be 750 /415 volts =1.7 amperes, approximately and at a powerfactor at unity means 1..

How much power does a 3 HP motor use?

Approximate Starting WattageApproximate Running Wattage1 1/2 Horsepower420016002 Horsepower510020003 Horsepower680030004 Horsepower9800480047 more rows

What is full load current of a 3 phase motor?

Full Load Current: Three Phase AC MotorsMotor HorsepowerHeater Ampere1-1/2230V 460V6.900 3.4502230V 460V7.820 3.9103230V 460V11.040 5.5205230V 460V17.480 8.7406 more rows•Feb 16, 2017

How many amps does a 2 hp motor draw?

AMP DRAW BASED ON HORSEPOWERHP1 Phase Amps3 Phase Amps115 volt575 volt2242.73343.95566.112 more rows•May 21, 2020

How many kW is an amp?

1000So amps are equal to 1000 times kilowatts divided by volts.

How many amps does a 1.5 hp motor?

AC Motor Full Load AmperesHP200 Volts550-600 Volts14. more rows

How many HP is 15 amps?

Common Amps to Horsepower ConversionsAmpsHorsepowerEfficiency10 A1.45 HP90%15 A2.17 HP90%20 A2.9 HP90%25 A3.62 HP90%10 more rows

How many amps does a 1.5 HP 3 phase motor draw?

Here are the Full Load Amp (FLA) values for typical 230VAC and 480VAC 3 phase motors.Motor horsepowerFull load amps 230VACFull load amps 460VAC13. more rows•May 16, 2020

How many amps is a 3 phase?

For example, a three phase circuit using 25,000 watts of power and a line voltage of 250 will have a current flow of 25,000/(250 x 1.73), which is equal to 57.80 amperes.

What is power factor in 3 phase?

The power factor in a single-phase circuit (or balanced three-phase circuit) can be measured with the wattmeter-ammeter-voltmeter method, where the power in watts is divided by the product of measured voltage and current. The power factor of a balanced polyphase circuit is the same as that of any phase.

How do you calculate amps on a motor?

Converting horsepower to amps can be done in a few simple steps, or using this simple formula.Amps = (Horsepower × 746) ÷ Efficiency ÷ Volts.Watts = Horsepower × 746.Watts = WattsηAmps = Watts ÷ Volts.Amps = HP × 746V × η × PF.

How do you calculate the kW of a 3 phase motor?

For 3-phase systems, we use the following equation: kW = (V × I × PF × 1.732) ÷ 1,000.

How do you calculate the full load of a 3 phase motor?

The motor FLA calculator uses the following formulas:Single Phase AC Motor FLA (Amperes) = (P [kW] × 1000) / (V × cos ϕ)Single Phase AC Motor FLA (Amperes) = (P [HP] × 746) / (V × cos ϕ × η)Three Phase AC Motor FLA (Amperes) = (P [kW] × 1000) / (V × 1.732 × cos ϕ)More items…

How many amps does a 1.5 HP pool pump draw?

How many amps does a pool pump use?HorsepowerAmpsVoltage.75 HP5.18 A120 V1 HP6.91 A120 V1.25 HP8.63 A120 V1.5 HP10.4 A120 VJun 3, 2020

How do you find the power factor of a 3 phase motor?

The electrical power input in kilowatts for a three phase motor is calculated by multiplying the average voltage of all three phases measured at the motor times the average amperage of all three phases measured at the motor times the average power factor of all three phases measured at the motor times a constant of …

How do I convert HP to amps?

Given horsepower and volts, it is possible to calculate amps. The calculation of amps uses Ohm’s Law, which is amps times volts equals watts. Multiply the horsepower by 746 watts. For example, an engine at two horsepower with 230 volts would be calculated as two horsepower times 746 watts, which equals 1492.