Quick Answer: Can You Drive With A Failed WoF?

Can you register a car without a WoF?

The Rego means your vehicle is legal to be on the road.

The WOF means that, at date of issue, the vehicle has satisfied a list of over 60 factors which make it safe to be on the road.

You can’t renew your Rego without having a current WOF..

What will fail a WoF?

Here are the most common problems that vehicles fail for, and how to look for them early.A total brake-down. Faulty brakes are not only one of the most common reasons vehicles fail their WoF, but they are an essential safety component of any vehicle. … Let there be light. … Keep an eye on your tyres. … Don’t get wiped out.

Do I need a spare TYRE for WoF?

Your thinking is correct, I believe you do not need to have a spare to pass a WOF, but if you do have one it must be in good condition and secured adequately.

How much is a full service?

To determine the average cost to service a car, a number of factors need to be taken into consideration including vehicle types and models, geographical location, type of services and the distance travelled. An average cost of a car service in Australia is $150 to $550.

How much does a WoF cost at Vtnz?

A Warrant of Fitness at most VTNZ branches is $67.

How long should a WoF take?

25-35 minutesThe WoF inspection will take between 25-35 minutes. You can wait and have a free coffee or tea in our comfortable waiting area or you can drop your car off.

How do you pass a WoF?

What to check before you visit VTNZ for a WoFLights. Check all of your lights work. … Wipers. Check your windscreen wipers are in good order. … Tyre pressure and tread. Pumped up tyres make it easier to grip the road and because they make your car more efficient, so it saves you on fuel. … Oil. … Seats and seatbelts. … Car boot. … Pets.

How much does a warrant of fitness cost NZ?

AVERAGE COSTS Warrant of Fitness The cost of a Warrant of Fitness inspection varies, but is an average of $50–$60.

How much is a fine for no WoF?

The Warrant of Fitness test (WOF) is a legal requirement. No vehicle can be operated without a current Warrant of Fitness. Unfortunately, if you use your vehicle without a current WOF, you will be fined $200. This fine also applies if you park your car in a public space.

What gets checked in a WoF?

A WoF test checks tyre condition, brake condition, structural condition, lights, glazing, windscreen wipers and washers, doors, seat belts, airbags (if fitted), speedometer, steering and suspension, exhaust, and fuel system. A vehicle must meet certain criteria in each category to pass the Warrant of Fitness.

Can you get a WoF with engine light on?

Your check engine light may be On Even though it doesn’t mean that the vehicle is having some problem, but a check engine light is grounds for an automatic fail during a WOF inspection.

Is there a grace period for WoF?

The 28 days given after a failed WoF/CoF only relate to the payment of inspection fees and when a new inspection starts, see sections 3.6. 6 and 3.9. The 28 days do NOT allow a person to continue using the vehicle for a purpose other than for bringing the vehicle into compliance.