Question: How Do I Transfer Money From Global Currency Card To Bank Account?

Can I transfer money from travel card to bank account?

You can close your card at any distribution outlet or call Card Services to move you remaining funds to your bank account for an extra fee of $20.

It’s important to note that the Travelex Travel Card card attracts a monthly inactivity fee of $3 after 12 months of no usage, which can slowly chip away at your balance..

How do I transfer money from my cash passport to my bank account?

Login to My Account.Select Transfer money > Cash out to a bank account.Select all the currencies you’d like to Cash out.Enter the full amount you’d like to Cash out for each currency.Enter your bank account details: Account name, BSB, Account number will be required. … Select complete Cash Out and you are done!

How do I transfer money from my Westpac global currency card?

Want to transfer your funds out of your travel money account and/or ready to close your account? Sign in to Online Banking, select your Global Currency Card account and click ‘Convert your funds’ or ‘Close your account’.

What is Global Currency Card?

A reloadable prepaid Visa money card that lets you lock in exchange rates in advance and can be used to make payments in 180+ countries with no load or reload fees.

How long does it take to get a travel card?

If you apply online, the card will arrive by mail in approximately 5 business days. Get your card instantly at an STA Travel Store or receive it by mail within 7-10 working days when you apply online. Get your card instantly at any Westpac branch, but note the initial in-branch loading fee.

How do I transfer money from my Global Currency Card?

Logon to Internet Banking, select your Global Currency Card account and click ‘Reorder wallets’ or ‘Close your account’. This will take you to the Global Currency Card portal where you will need to click the ‘FUNDS REDEMPTION’ tab and follow the instructions to transfer your funds and/or close your account.