Question: Can You Share Bank Statements?

Is it safe to share bank statement?

Alternatively, just be sure account numbers and sensitive information are not on the documents you are sending.

Most bank statements these days, are prepared in a manner that makes them safe to email.

Financial statements rarely have anything that would jeopardize your personal security or business..

Can you send bank statements?

Emailing your documents If you’re unable to use the document portal for any reason, you can also send your bank statements by email.

Can anyone do anything with bank statement?

To answer the question straight away it is doubtful anyone could do anything with the money in someone’s bank account if they know just its number. In many cases, such information will only allow the person who has the account’s number to transfer money to it.

What bank information is safe to share?

Generally speaking, bank account numbers should be treated with as much care as other vital personal data, such as your Social Security number. If you wouldn’t trust a person or organization with your SSN, don’t trust them with your routing/account numbers.