How Hot Is Athens In February?

What is the warmest place in Europe in February?

Europe’s warmest destinations: where’s sunny and hot in winter?Tenerife, Canary Islands.

Located just 300 km from the shores of Africa, Tenerife belongs to Spain’s Canary Islands.

Malaga, Costa del Sol | Spain.

Gran Canaria | Canary Islands.

Southern Cyprus.




Marmaris | Turkey.More items….

Where is hot and cheap in February?

The best short-haul weather can be found in the Canary Islands and Madeira (20ºC). Also consider South East Asia, including Thailand (33ºC), for perfect weather and cheap prices. February offers a perfect opportunity to escape the cold of winter at home in search of warmer climes.

Is February a good time to visit Athens?

February is a fantastic time to visit Athens. Although the first part of the month can still be wintery and frigid, by late February the temperatures begin warming up slightly and the Carnival season (called “Apokreas”) descends.

Is it safe to walk around Athens at night?

It is completely safe to walk from your hotel by yourself to the Acropolis. There will be many people around till far into the night. I would not walk anywhere that is deserted by myself- certainly not Filopapou Hill-at sunset time. Athens is very safe.

Does Athens have a red light district?

There is no red light district in Athens, just studios scattered throughout the city. … The most popular ethnicities of prostitutes in Athens are Romanian, Russian, and Bulgarian.

Is Athens expensive?

Is Athens expensive? Athens is certainly not cheap, but it is not very expensive either. In comparison to other European capitals, we would say that Athens is somewhere in the middle. It all depends on what type of traveler you are and how much budget you wish to spend during your visit.

What is the warmest Greek island in February?

CreteCrete has some of the warmest temperatures over the autumn and winter months, in fact it has one of the mildest winter climates in Mediterranean Europe due to its southerly position.

Where is 25 degrees in February?

Closer to home, and a lot more wallet-friendly, Cape Verde offers climates of around 25 degrees in February. Dubbed the ‘African Caribbean’ there’s only a very slim chance of rain to boot – head to the islands of Sal and Boa Vista for the driest weather.

Is Portugal hot in February?

In February Portugal generally has quite mild and wet weather, although you can go to places that offer some good winter sun. There’s different weather around Portugal, with the south having a fairly typical Mediterranean climate, while the Gulf Stream warms things up further up the west coast.

How hot is Greece in Feb?

On the mainland, the average temperature hovers around 10°C in February, with highs of 13°C and lows of 7°C. On average there are four hours of sunshine each day and around 60mm of rain during the month, usually spread over seven showery days. The sea is a brisk 15°C.

What is Athens like in February?

The weather in Athens in February sees an enjoyable daily average temperature of 14°C. … Sea temperatures average around 15°C, which is the coldest all year. You’ll see plenty of sunshine in Athens and across the south of Greece, with up to six hours of bright sunlight each day from 11 hours of daylight.

Where in the world is warm in February?

Where’s hot in February? Here are our top 10 winter sun destinations……Where’s hot in February?CountryCityAverage temperature in FebruaryAmericaOrlando16°C / 61°FMexicoCancun23°C / 74°FCanary IslandsLanzarote18°C / 64°FCanary IslandsTenerife17°C / 63°F6 more rows•Aug 28, 2020

Which country is best to visit in February?

Where to go in February: 20 top destinationsMENDOZA, ARGENTINA. Temperature: 31°C high; 17°C low. … ST PETERSBURG, RUSSIA. Temperature: -3°C high; -9°C low. … SINGAPORE, ASIA. Temperature: 31°C high; 25°C low. … FINNISH LAPLAND. Temperature: -6°C high; -13°C low. … IBIZA, SPAIN. Temperature: 15°C high; 8°C low. … CARTAGENA, COLOMBIA. … BAHIA, BRAZIL. … PARIS, FRANCE.More items…•

Where can I get sun in February?

Top 8 Destinations for Winter SunThe Canary Islands. If you’re wondering where to go for winter sun but don’t want a long haul flight, the Canary Islands are your best bet. … Mexico. … Florida. … Morocco. … Dubai. … Thailand. … Cyprus. … Barbados.

What should I avoid in Athens?

When keeping in mind areas to avoid in Athens, know that Omonia, Exarcheia, Vathi, and Kolokotroni Squares have high crime rates and should be avoided at night, if not altogether.