How Far Inland Will 10 Foot Storm Surge Go?

How far inland does a storm surge go?

Storm surge can penetrate well inland from the coastline.

During Hurricane Ike, the surge moved inland nearly 30 miles in some locations in southeastern Texas and southwestern Louisiana.

All locations along the U.S.

East and Gulf coasts are vulnerable to storm surge..

What is the highest storm surge ever recorded?

The all-time record for highest U.S. storm surge is Hurricane Katrina’s 27.8 feet in Pass Christian, Mississippi in 2005 (measured from a “still water” mark found inside a building where waves couldn’t reach).

Why was Katrina storm surge so high?

“Katrina came into the Mississippi Gulf Coast on the worst possible track for a high storm surge,” he says. “The shallow depth of the offshore shelf in the Gulf of Mexico, as well as the bay-like shape of the shoreline, contributed to the high surge.”

What will you do after a storm surge?

Go to your safe room — a small interior room, closet or hallway on the lowest level. Stay indoors and away from windows and glass doors.

What should you do during a storm surge?

During a storm surgeStay inside where you are protected from the water. … Monitor the storm’s progress and listen for warnings or instructions from local officials.Before driving anywhere, listen carefully to rescue officials who will be coordinating evacuation plans.Do not drive through flood waters.More items…

Why are storm surges so deadly?

At high tide, the water is already at an elevated height. If landfall happens at high tide, the storm surge will cause even higher water levels and bring more water further inland. … When a hurricane arrives, the higher ocean means storm surge can bring water further inland, to a more dangerous and widespread effect.

How far inland will a 5 foot storm surge go?

Storm surge can reach heights of more than 12 m (40 ft) near the center of a Category 5 hurricane, and fan out across several hundred miles of coastline, gradually diminishing away from the hurricane’s center. Coastal flooding can reach far inland, tens of miles from the shoreline.

What is 10 foot storm surge?

A storm surge is an influx of sea or lake water pushed ashore by the strong winds in a storm. … If a parking lot a few thousand feet from the coast is 5 feet above sea level, that 15-foot storm surge would only (“only”) be about 10 feet deep at that point.

Why do you fill your bathtub with water during a hurricane?

This is an old standby for emergency preparations: fill your bathtub up with water before the storm hits. The water can be used to flush toilets, clean dishes or it can be purified and used as extra drinking water.

How fast is storm surge?

10-15 mphA storm surge is water that is pushed onto shore by a hurricane. It is rarely a “wall of water” as often claimed, but rather a rise of water that can be as rapid as several feet in just a few minutes. The storm surge moves with the forward speed of the hurricane — typically 10-15 mph.

How do you survive a storm surge?

Keep them at a higher level, protected from flood damage. Ensure that your family has an emergency kit and plan….If a storm surge is forecastCheck supplies including medications, radio, flashlight and batteries.You may have to evacuate. … Make sure the basement windows are closed.More items…

What is the storm surge of a category 5 hurricane?

Category 5 hurricanes can produce a storm surge 20 to 25 feet high that can push miles inland, often destroying everything along the coast and flooding low-lying areas well ashore.