Do Warning Lights Fail MOT?

What lights are checked in mot?

(Formerly MOT Test of Lights and Headlamps)Headlamps for aim and operation.Sidelights (known as position lamps) for location, operation and condition.Side marker lamps and end outline marker lamps (as appropriate) for presence, location, operation and condition.Stop lamps for presence, operation and condition.More items…•.

Is a yellow warning light an MOT failure?

The government says it is to improve road safety but there are plenty of people driving round in cars which have had a dashboard light on for months without ill effect seemingly. … Currently, the troublesome EML light is not an MOT fail.

Can you drive with a failed MOT?

➢You may take your vehicle to get it repaired after it has failed its MOT test. … The answer is that you can still drive your vehicle if it fails the test and its existing MOT certificate is still valid (i.e. if your test was before the expiry date) as long as no ‘dangerous’ problem(s) were listed in the MOT.

Will my car fail MOT with a cracked rear light?

Many people believe that a cracked or smashed headlight or tail light will always result in an MOT failure, this is not however the case. … However, if you feel as though the angle of your headlights could be slightly off, then just ask your local garage to check this and adjust it if necessary.

Can a car fail MOT on wing mirror?

If the rear-view mirror is obscured then a vehicle first used after the 1st of August 1978 must have both of its side mirrors intact. Failing that, the vehicle must have an undamaged rear-view mirror in place, and a working driver’s wing mirror also. … A car without a driver’s side mirror will also fail an MOT.

What will fail an MOT?

Common MOT fails lightbulbs are working – 30% of all faults related to lighting and signalling. tyre condition and pressure – 10% of all faults related to tyres. mirrors, wipers and washers – 8.5% of all faults related to ‘Driver’s view of the road’

Do you get 14 days grace for an MOT?

It is assumed by many people that they have 14 days ‘grace’ after their MOT test Certificate expires to obtain a renewal – This is not the case. However, the MOT test regulations do make the provision for early testing by up to a calendar month to ease the renwal process.

Are headlights checked on MOT?

You must inspect all dipped beam headlamps fitted. The type of headlamp will determine whether the aim must be checked on dipped or main beam (see Diagrams 1, 2 and 3). … If this would result in failure for beam aim being too low, you should re-check the beam aim with the control set at its ‘highest’ position.

Do you need reverse light for mot?

The reverse light is not part of the MOT – but always worth checking. All tyres should be above the legal minimum tread of 1.6mm across three quarters of the tyre. … Although a spare wheel is not a requirement for an MOT check – a ‘space saver’ spare fitted as a road wheel will not pass.

What is checked on an MOT 2020?

What is checked in an MOT in 2020? An MOT test takes around 45 minutes, during which time the tester will check the roadworthiness of your car, assessing all its electrical equipment, steering, tyres (including tread depth, pressure and condition), and suspension.

Will a car fail MOT if warning lights are?

Yes, your car will fail its MOT if your Engine Management Light remains on when the engine has been started. Under the new MOT rules, it is now classed as a major fault. … If your light is on constantly, or it’s flashing, you should have your car checked at a garage.

Will ABS warning light fail MOT?

ABS has been a legal requirement on vehicles since 2004 – and an ABS warning light that’s permanently on means your car will fail an MOT.

Is a cracked indicator lens an MOT failure?

The lights must be mounted securely. lens cracks which allow white light to escape to the rear will cause a fail, as will excessive fading.

Do you pay for an MOT if it fails?

If your vehicle fails an MOT and you leave it with the test centre for repair, you’ll have a partial retest. As long as this is done within 10 working days of failing the MOT, it’s done for free. If you take your vehicle away for repairs, and return it before the end of the next working day, the test is normally free.